Am I the only one disabled Scrum Master?

Am I the only one disabled Scrum Master?

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Angered because often underestimated

Cornelia takes notes during an online meeting, typing with her mouth.

Internal statistics show that I am invited to client interviews less often than my colleagues who have no (obvious 😜) disability. However, internal statistics also show that more than half of my colleagues work 100% remotely for our clients and one or two of them are on site just once a quarter for a meeting/event.

Let’s be honest, hand on heart, does this one-time peek around the corner in the quarter really make it? Especially if half the team of developers/team members is not present? Nowadays, projects often consist of teams that work all over the world. Is everyone always present for PI planning?

Can it be that there are people out there who doubt my resilience?

For sure, I’m certainly resilient!

Otherwise I wouldn’t be where I am today. I write the duty rosters for a whole team of nurses. I’m a Scrum Master, politically active and, on top of that, I’m a city councilor. Is that enough to prove my efficiency and willingness to perform?

Most people with a disability are capable of much more than what they are given credit for. We know that we have to stand out from „normal“ people through special performance in order to get a chance on the first labour market. Perhaps some companies are happy to be able to attract such motivated employees, especially in times of labour shortage.

Some of you may have doubts about whether you can talk to me as straight as to colleagues who do not have a physical disability.

Cornelia as a co-driver of a trike in the entrance of the formula 1 race track in Monza
Bitte einmal Gas geben!

My dream: Not only to be the organisator of this trip and co-driver. I’m surely could give gas on my own, if my arms and legs would work.

Am I capable of conflict?

Certainly! Or do you think there is always cuddling in city council meetings? Wherever people are involved with each other, tensions and conflicts occasionally arise. I can’t not run away and I also don’t want to. I don’t get bitchy, bite or get physical. My way is to listen to my counterpart with empathy, to take every argument seriously and not to feel personally attacked. Constructive criticism is welcomed and encouraged. If someone is not satisfied with my work, then out with it openly! Like my colleagues without disabilities, I can only improve if people point out deficits or any dissatisfaction. My experience shows that this is the only way to clear up ambiguities and create better cooperation.

Am I agile?

What I lack in mobility, I make up for in agility.

I am a certified Scrum Master and have sufficient experience when it comes to implementing and applying agile methods. I am familiar with Scrum, Kanban, LeSS and SAFe. Our clients appreciate our ability to implement a method in an existing corporate context. Internally, I am responsible for the administration of JIRA and Confluence.


If citizens of a city trust me, a woman with a disability, to represent their interests in the city council, clients should also trust me to represent their interests optimally and to optimise the performance of their teams.

If you have insecurities and (unfounded) fears towards me, let us eliminate them through open communication.

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