Handicaped bussinesswoman talking to a group of colleques

Disabled; so what …

Participation in working life enriches us and by allowing people to participate it also enriches us.

Dear customer, show courage to bridge the gap. One of my employees – a valued colleague – is mainly an experienced Scrum Master and incidentally also a person with a physical disability. I know she can do a great job, so as a customer I ask you to be open as we talk about your possible concerns, if there are any about whether my colleague can add value to one of your teams and build a thriving successful team. What concerns come to your mind?

In der Praxis bedeutet das ….

NO, my colleague can’t just drop by.

Hasn’t CORONA shown us that it is not absolutely necessary to be on site? The disadvantage of not being able to be there in person is outweighed many times over by my colleague’s expertise.

Sudden unavailability?

Highly unlikely. Disability managed.

and shines in our company, among other things, through continuous presence.

Common sense?

Her analytical approach means she recognises the potential optimization opportunities and then coaches the team on how to align their actions to achieve the outcomes needed to enable the team to continuously improve. As a change agent improvement is in her blood.

She is the master …

… of the computer. She is an expert in JIRA, MS DevOps and Confluence.

She understands …

… how to work with people and how to build relationships of trust. She has empathy and can help people to feel empowered to find greater levels of self motivation and self fulfillment.


There is no reason not to invite my colleague for a (remote) interview, unless you feel that her expertise is insufficient.

Doubts or questions? We clear them out!

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