Scrum: The optimized Daily

Dailys are often the mirror of how Scrum is lived in a team.

Is it just an event that is being held because Scrum does so or is it an ingredient that really has purpose?

Does the team know the purpose of the Dailys?


The optimized Daily


The members of the Development Team bring each other up to date on the current state of things and checking progress towards the sprint target.


Goal achieved if …

… each team member knows what his / her colleagues have just completed and what they are currently working on.


Reason for a not really working Daily

The team is made up of experts from a wide variety of skill sets. In terms of content, they work on very different topics and technically, they use different (programming) tools. If, in a situation like this, they dive too much into detail with their explanations, the rest of the team will not be able to follow that. This often results in no longer listening.


Performance Review

How can we check if a Daily fulfills its purpose?

Very easily. At the end of a sprint, the scrum master should ask individual team members about what other team members in the Daily had to say.


Conclusio / Solution

Team members needs to give a high level overview in the Daily.


  • Hi Colleagues, yesterday I was working on the interface to Salesforce and today I’m going to go over the XML structure for the data exchange with SAP. No Impediments.
  • Good morning Team Spirit One, I am still working on the Spike for the use of the new Table Grid. Will probably finish today with it. No impediments.
  • I’m working with Dagmar today to implement the new data structure for the item database.
  • Hi Guys, as Tom said we are working on the new data structure.
  • Philip and I, we are currently configuring the new test environment.

That should / could be a level, where everybody in the team can follow.


The Scrum Masters of GesAPro have the practical experience and deep knowledge to successfully apply Scrum.

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