The Daily – quite similar to Groundhog Day …

The Daily – quite similar to Groundhog Day …

… an American comedy film from 1993. Bill Murray plays an arrogant, self-centered and cynical weather announcer who is stuck in a time warp and relives the same day over and over again until he can continue his life as a purified man.

This is how developers may feel when they have to interrupt their work day after day in order to have a 15-minute chat in the assembled group.

„Why do we do this shit every day?“

Such and similar statements, as well as bored faces and / or the extremely lazy coming together of the team’s developers are clear signs that not much value is attached to the daily.

And although it may be annoying for many developers to say his /her little saying every day. They often tell eloquently – with many, many words – about their past and present doing.

This is the sure way to get tired of Scrum!

What is the Daily good for?

In a Daily, the Developers should inform each other, briefly and understandably (for everyone) about what has already been achieved, what is currently being worked on and whether there are any difficulties with which the Scrum Master could and should help.

It makes little sense, if the one and only „C“ programmer of the team complains about a not working pointer to a pointer or that he / she cannot cope with a stack overflow. If it is not a Component Team – consisting of nothing but „C“ programmers – the rest of the team will hardly be able to follow his / her explanations.

The statements made by each Developer should be formulated in such a way that every other team member understands what is currently being worked on. If the story is so complicated and so difficult to understand that the majority of the developers did not understand what it was all about during the Daily, the Daily made no sense at all.

Keep briefly and understandably!

Shortly before the Daily, every Developer should think about what he / she would like to tell his / her colleagues and how he would like to get it across in an understandable way.

A little hint: Then 15 minutes are enough for the daily.

A few other popular mistakes

  • The Developers report to the Product Owner or the Scrum Master.
  • The Product Owner or the Scrum Master moderates the Daily.

No, the developers keep each other up-to-date.

No, the Daily belongs to the self-organizing Developers. Product Owners and Scrum Masters are usually silent listeners.


If the deep meaning and purpose of a method event is not questioned, the event often degenerates into an annoying and boring event that is not given much value. As already noted, this quickly leads to disaffection with the method.
When properly thought out and then done correctly, such an event suddenly gains importance and value in the eyes of those affected and is then carried out with more enthusiasm.

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