What makes a good (Scrum) team?

The human factor

Yes, I put the human factor first, because I know that a good team can turn a bad product into a good one and can even overcome challenges in the method.

  • A team that is really a team and acts as such, can achieve almost everything

A workgroup is not necessarily a team. This includes much more. A very important characteristic of a „real“ team is the presence of team spirit.

  • The presence of team spirit. What this is exactly, as already mentioned, is explained elsewhere. Only so much as to say that: If team spirit exists in a team, you can tell because other people want to be part of this team.
  • The team enjoys the work, which is also demonstrated by their pride in their product.

The method

  • There is consistent transparency in the process and in the results from the team.
  • Transparency, for example, can be enhanced by a meaningful burndown chart. A burndown chart that does not have a horizontal line (nearly) until the end of the sprint.
  • The commitment given as part of Sprint Planning and documented by the Sprint Backlog is generally respected.

See also the post „Was ist ein Commitment wert, wenn …“

  • The Scrum Master is not seen as the secretary of the team, but as the expert and coach in the method targeting an optimized self-organizing team.
  • A self-organizing team.
  • A self-organizing team, that …
    … processes every day a high-quality, purpose-based, Daily.

See post „Scrum: The optimized Daily“

… has a product backlog filled for two to three sprints, whose entries all correspond to the DoR.

  • A DoR that ensures a flow in the implementation of the sprint, as well as a DoD that ensures quality.
  • DoR and DoD should be seen as so-called quality gates.


The product and the software development

A good quality product

Whatever that is. While whole books have been written on this subject matter, an important and indisputable feature of a good quality product is that it delivers a high level of customer satisfaction.

  • This has as a prerequisite a good (high) test coverage.
  • A continuous development of the know-how in the team and a constant optimization of the methods within the software development.

Keywords: Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment, Software Architecture, Contract-driven Development (CdD), etc.

  • etc.

The listings presented represent the author’s opinion, are intended to provide a basis for discussion and are not an exhaustive list of quality criteria.

A constantly created added value for the customer is for example also seen as a quality criterion for a high-quality (Scrum) team, but in no way a comparison of the quantitative output of a team that works together with other teams on a produkt.

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