If the Digital Transformation stumbles it’s because the Agile Transformation has a stone in its shoe

If the Digital Transformation stumbles it’s because the Agile Transformation has a stone in its shoe

Becoming agile and thus implementing projects in an agile manner is not as easy as it is often propagated. A framework is just a framework – a skeleton – and its application only produces really good results when the meat is built into it. The method alone, simply executing the events according to the textbook, is not enough.

What is the Digital Transformation?

In simple words: Digital Transformation is the increasing computerization in all areas of a company / organization. In accounting, sales & marketing and human resources as well as in development and production itself.

Elementary terms: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin, Data Lake, Virtual & Augmented Reality

Digital Transformation mostly takes place through changes that are carried out through projects. Very, very often through agile projects.

If the (agile) projects stumble, the Digital Transformation will not make progress either.

If the Agile Transformation does not progress,

Digital Transformation will also come to a standstill.

Real performance, high quality output is required

Thesis: Every (agile) project generates output, but at least 90% of the projects could achieve a far better result if the right mindset is in place, the method would be applied correctly, and the results would be measured.

LEAN & AGILE have to go hand in hand

In concrete terms: Wherever output is generated, agility should be practiced to perfection. Management should empower AGILE by shifting decision-making and budget resources to where it is needed; that is the approach of LEAN.

See also: Hey Management, you don’t need to be very agile

Not specific enough yet?

Then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the output of your companies agile projects only interpreted or measured and substantiated with objective figures?
  • Can the project managers in the company make substantial decisions on their own responsibility with regard to the solution for which they are responsible and, if so, are they also allowed to spend money independently (to a certain extent) if they consider this to be useful or even necessary?

Are you really LEAN & AGILE?

Is the Agile Transformation working to your satisfaction?

If you cannot answer this final question clearly with a YES we should meet for a non-binding discussion.

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